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Marion Kratky Named Guest Artist for September & October

A “Meet the Artists” reception was held on Friday, September 8, between 5 and 7pm at Micropolis Cooperative Art Gallery in Gloversville, NY. The event took place during the Downtown Twilight Market.

Special guest artist Marion Kratky was on hand to present a collection of her work inspired by the Adirondacks and the National Parks. Marion lives in Northville and shows her prize-winning work throughout the state. She currently has work at the Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg, NY, and at the Hyde Hall Museum Gallery in Cooperstown.

Marion describes her process by saying, “In painting, the excitement for me is the brush work, rich color and the sometimes thick palette knife paint used to indulge my senses and that of the viewer to bring forth energetic light filled compositions.  I am also motivated by places or things to which I have a strong personal connection and it comes through in my finished work.”

A new show of artwork by Micropolis member artists is also on display in the gallery. Included are paintings, drawings, photographs, fiber art, batik, mixed media, woodwork, glass, digital art, sculpture, jewelry, and pottery. The show will run through the end of October.

A member of Gloversville Community Music entertained during the reception which was free and open to the public. The gallery is located inside Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market at 30 N. Main St., Gloversville, and is open seven days a week. (MON-FRI 8am-7pm / SAT 8am-5pm / SUN 9am-4pm)

Micropolis Celebrates Sixth Anniversary

The artists of Micropolis Cooperative, Inc. announced a celebration of its six years in business during the second Downtown Gloversville Twilight Market. The art co-op had a special booth on Main Street where visitors to the Twilight Market could learn more about the artist group. Visitors were also directed inside to the gallery to see the current show, including work by guest artist Takeyce Walter. Refreshments were served.

We thank Mohawk Harvest and the community for supporting the arts in downtown Gloversville!!

Takeyce Walter, guest artist for July & August,
works in oils and pastels

During the first Downtown Gloversville Twilight Market, Micropolis opened a new show with work by its member artists. Work on display includes paintings, drawings, photographs, fiber art, batik, mixed media, woodwork, glass, digital art, sculpture, jewelry, and pottery.

The show also features the artwork of Takeyce Walter, a contemporary American painter (born 1980, Jamaica) and art instructor living and working in upstate New York. Walter works in both oils and pastels.

Driven to create from an early age, Walter has been producing art for as long as she can remember. Currently, her focus has been on the natural landscape of the Northeast. Walter’s paintings present that landscape in all its glory - flowing rivers, majestic skies, and picturesque lakes. There is a great sense of familiarity, tranquility, and reverence in each piece. Walter is especially inspired by, and drawn to bodies of water; rivers, lakes, marshes, streams and the ocean.

Inspired by the Daily Painters of the mid-2000s, Walter made a commitment to finishing at least one painting a week in 2005, and started blogging to help track her progress. Many years later, she has maintained that commitment and is currently producing art on a prolific basis. In addition to exhibiting her paintings online, she also exhibits in regional galleries in the Northeast. Her art has found homes in many private collections across the country and internationally, as well as a regional museum collection.

Takeyce Walter's show opened with a “Meet the Artists” reception on Friday, July 14. Her work will remain on exhibit through Labor Day.

Micropolis plans for Twilight Markets

Micropolis Cooperative Gallery is excited to be one of the first businesses to become a sponsor of the Downtown Gloversville Twilight Markets. Jennifer Jennings, Gloversville Downtown Development Specialist, has planned a series of theme based, family-friendly events to bring people to Main Street the second Friday of July, August and September and we are on board!

According to the CRG website, “Downtown’s Summer Twilight Market is a place to buy delicious local food and artisan goods in a festive community atmosphere. We are working with the community to build a future in which Downtown is once again an integral part of the City’s cultural landscape. The Twilight Market is committed to creating a diverse marketplace with locally produced products of the highest quality.”

Micropolis plans to participate by holding “Meet the Artists” opening receptions on two of the market nights. On July 14 pastel artist Takeyce Walter will be the guest artist and on September 8 painter Marion Kratky will be featured.  At the August 11 event, Micropolis will have a booth on Main Street in addition to having artists in the gallery to talk with market shoppers.
“Meet the Artists” receptions on July 14 And September 8 will take place between 5 and 7pm at Micropolis. They are free and open to the public.

Beverly Cornelius, guest artist for May & June

Micropolis Cooperative Art Gallery, Gloversville, NY, is pleased to have Beverly Cornelius, a basket maker from Schenectady, NY, as its guest artist for May and June. A “Meet the Artists” reception was held on Friday, May 5.

Cornelius works in both ash and reed to create her baskets and is influenced by Native American and Shaker styles. She has been asked to design special items for the Beekman Boys of Sharon Springs. They challenged Cornelius to design a pie carrier different from baskets already on the market that would be both utilitarian and beautiful. She found the process stimulating, making her stretch both her imagination and her skills as a weaver.

More recently Cornelius has been working on new designs that include leather. Designing the leather strapping for custom pieces has led her to explore the use of leather as more than just strapping but also as a weaving material. This has led to her “Saratoga Collection.”

She has been teaching basket weaving for more than 10 years.  “With each class I teach I learn more about weaving and draw inspiration from my students. I teach regularly at the Mabee Farm Historic Site in Rotterdam Junction, NY, where I am the resident Basket Weaver.  I have also been teaching at the Adirondack Folk School in Lake Luzerne, NY since its inception,” explained Beverly. Private Classes are available by special arrangement.

Cornelius has created baskets that have been selected to be included in the permanent collection at the Crandall Folklife Center in Glens Falls.  Her work can also be seen on her website www.beverlycornelius.com

Also on display are paintings, drawings, photos, fiber art, batik, mixed media, woodwork, glass, digital art, floral art, sculpture, jewelry, and pottery by the Micropolis member artists. Members are Linda Batchelor, Julie Branch, Dan Bridge, Carol Law Conklin, Karen J. F. Cooper, Ruth Crotty, Constance Dodge, Susy Easterly, Katherine Ehle, Cheryl Gutmaker, Michelle Harring, Linda Hinkle, Linda Kollar, Loie Levine, Lynda Naske, Judith Plotner, Sandra Grace Smith, Martha Starke, Gabriella Vardai-Davidson and Eileen Carey Testo.

Gloversville Community Music arranged for Melanie Chirignan, flutist, to entertain during the reception. The event was free and open to the public.

Kathleen Oakes, guest artist
during March & April

Micropolis Cooperative Art Gallery, Gloversville, NY, opened a new show with Kathleen Oakes, watercolor painter, as the guest artist. Her show includes a number of transparent watercolor paintings, many inspired by the beauty of the Adirondacks and surrounding areas. A “Meet the Artists” reception was held on Friday, March 10.

Oakes, a resident of Amsterdam and owner of Oakes Framing and Art Gallery, works in acrylics and oils in addition to watercolors. She is a Signature Artist of the Central New York Watercolor Society. She has studied with a number of accomplished artists at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops and has taken master classes with American Watercolor Society (AWS) members Judy Betts, Bill Urasick, and Guy Correrio.

“When creating my paintings I rely on my senses. I love going into the Adirondacks and taking photographs of various scenes in nature,” explained Kathleen. “I combine several of the photos to create my own composition rather than copy one image which might result in a stiff rendering. I want to push my artistic license and make each piece mine. When painting I try to recall how the light was shining and how things smelled.”

Oakes has won several awards throughout the region. She has been a guest artist at the Gloversville Congregational Church May Art Show, a featured artist at Windham Art Gallery, and solo artist at the SVAN/Northville Library Gallery.

A new show of artwork by Micropolis member artists is also on display in the gallery. Work includes paintings, drawings, photographs, fiber art, batik, mixed media, woodwork, glass, digital art, sculpture, jewelry, and pottery. The show will run through the end of April.

French 75, a New Orleans style group playing 1920s jazz standards, entertained during the March 10 reception.

Nicole Hauser, photographer,
guest artist during January & February

A "Meet the Artists" reception was held on Friday, January 6 at the Gloversville gallery. The first guest artist of 2017 is Nicole Hauser. Hauser was voted winner of the "People's Choice Award" during the Micropolis sponsored juried show in May, 2016. She won for her multi-image photograph "Seasons."

"I remember saving my money as a child until I had enough ($20) to buy my first camera. I was extremely excited about buying it and have been taking photos and experimenting ever since," Hauser recalled. "I began working with multiple images because I found it difficult to express what I wanted to with a single photo. Using several photos allows me to present a different and unique perspective of the world. I love photographing nature and my goal is to visit and photograph all of the U.S. National Parks."

Nicole Hauser is a Librarian at the Gloversville Public Library and lives with her husband in Johnstown. Prior to the opening she commented, "I still can't believe that I won the People's Choice Award in the "Food: Art for the Soul" juried show! I am excited for my first solo show and looking forward to having it at the Micropolis Art Gallery."

Twelve by Twelve Show on view
during November & December, 2016

Micropolis Cooperative Art Gallery hosted an evening of fine art and music on Friday, November 4, 2016. Music by Gloversville Community Music members Kelly Breczka (oboe) and Joshua Thompson (horn) added to the ambience— celebrating performance arts as well as the visual arts! This special show featured 12” square artwork (sized just right for gift-giving!) by Micropolis members and invited regional artists. The show ran through the end of December. Below are just a few of the pieces of artwork that were in the show.


Also on view in the cafe were oil paintings
of Gloversville by Stu Eichel of Saratoga.
Four of the 24 works in this collection are shown below.


Micropolis celebrated its fifth anniversary
in May by mounting a juried art show.
Works were submitted by artists living within a 150 mile radius of Gloversville.




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TOP PHOTO: Marion Kratky, guest artist for
September and October, checks allignment of her
paintings before the show opening.
SECOND PHOTO: Marion's oil painting titled
"Winter Stream."

Takeyce Walter (below left) talks with a visitor
during the Meet the Artists Reception on July 14.
On the right Takeyce checks one of her paintings.
(Bottom) Takeyce with Stu Eichel, guest artist in
the fall of 2016 who painted the "Oils of Gloversville."


ABOVE: Images from opening reception with
Beverly Cornelius, guest artist at Micropolis for
May and June

BELOW: Kathleen Oakes, watercolor painter
discusses one of her pieces at the
"Meet the Artists" reception on March 10.

BELOW: Nicole Hauser, guest artist for January and
February, stands with husband as show opened on
January 6.


BELOW: Overview of the
Twelve by Twelve Show during the holidays.



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